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Sullivan Location is Moving!

By Reboot, May 30 2020 06:38PM

ReBoot Computers in Sullivan, Missouri is moving locations from 114 West Euclid to 207 E Springfield Road. All store items are 25% off until we move! Chairs, tables, and display cases are also for sale. Stop by today!

Sullivan Moving Sale!
Sullivan Moving Sale!
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"This is long overdue but Judy & I just want to give you a shout-out on your business.  We’ve dealt with your company a number of times in the past and we’ve always been happy with your product, your service and with the staff in general.  


Everyone’s always patient, direct and courteous when discussing any sales and/or service.  Not to mention how the work is expedited with exceptional competence.  You and your crew really make a difference and for that you should be proud.  Many thanks!"


-Kevin & Judy Obermark

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