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Motherboard repair

From complete RAM memory tests and hard drive tests to Windows updates and system cleanup, ReBoot Computers and More, LLC offers a complete reboot and test of your system for just $99! We'll make your computer faster, while extending its lifespan in just a 3-hour procedure. Call one of our convenient Missouri locations today to get started!

Get A Test And Tune-up For Just $99!

  • RAM memory test

  • Hard drive test

  • CPU temperature test

  • Motherboard temperature test

  • Video and sound test

  • Test for security holes

  • Malware and spyware

Testing services that we offer

We know the importance of having your computer back in a timely manner, especially when your job requires remote computing. At ReBoot Computers and More, LLC, we can generally test and tune your computer the same day! Bring your PC or laptop into one of our Missouri locations today!

We can generally test and tune your computer the same day!

“We recently had ReBoot give our laptop a Test and Tune-up and could not believe how much better it ran. Our computer started up quicker, it loaded programs faster, and it just gave us an overall much more pleasant computing experience! Thanks ReBoot”

“Before I brought my Desktop into ReBoot, I was getting the Blue Screen of Death. ReBoot found that my RAM was going bad and replaced it before I lost any data!”